How To Be A GREAT Toronto Raptors Fan

Posted on April 24, 2014

It was the 4th quarter of Game 2 between the Toronto Raptors and the Brooklyn Nets.
The game was incredibly tight and as I walked into the kitchen to get some water, I mumble to my brother-in-law, “This is not good.”

He replies, “This is really good.”

I looked at him wondering to myself what game he’s watching.. they’re obviously struggling… and say “Really?”

To which he replies, “We gotta think positive.”

>> Ouch. I just got caught in my own game. I spend almost every waking moment studying and teaching people on how to effectively think positive and here I was dropping the ball (no pun intended) in this situation.

As I reflected on what happened I realized that the problem was I got so caught up in being a GOOD fan that I forgot to take the time to become a GREAT fan.

What do I mean? Well you see a GOOD fan supports their team based on the moment, while a GREAT fan supports their team based on the potential. GOOD fans believe what they see while GREAT fans focus on seeing what they believe. GOOD fans lose hope when their team is down, while GREAT fans hold the most hope when their team is down. GREAT fans keep a strong mindset, while GOOD fans have a weak mindset.

I’ll admit, I lost perspective of my team and fell into the dreaded GOOD fan mentality.

However, no more of that.

To ensure that for the upcoming games I’m in the GREAT fan mode, I decided to turn to what I now always turn to when I need to tap into a greatness mindset – Engineering Success. It’s a book I created that contains a heavily investigated approach to personal development (took me 3+ years to develop) that I’m really proud of. The beautiful thing is that all the components apply just as well to this fan situation as it does to your own personal pursuit for success (which the book was designed for).

Below I will take you through the application of the 5 building blocks of success I outline in the program and how to utilize them in developing a GREAT fan mentality. I hope it helps!

Building Block #1 – VISION

The first thing that needs to be done to get into a GREAT fan mentality is to use your imagination to create a Vision of what the ideal future looks like and how it will make you feel. Without this Vision associated with emotion, you will fall victim to the moment by moment situations in the game. By creating this Vision however, you give yourself something to turn focus to when the times get tough.

Now because I’ve heavily developed my imagination skills over the past couple of years and have built the belief “If I can imagine it, it can happen” this part isn’t that hard for me. If, however, leveraging your imagination is something new for you or you hold the belief “Reality is for real and imagination is false” then you’re going to have a lot of trouble with this step. That’s okay though, as long as you’re open to changing your beliefs and practicing envisioning, you’ll make it through.

The best way to create the Vision is to go through what it would look like for the Raptors to win the NBA Finals in as much detail as possible. Picture where you would be, what it would be like, what time you showed up to the location you’re going to watch the game, try to tap into the emotions you’ll feel before the game, try to envision the anthem being sung and the crowd being rowdy. Think of how the game goes and the emotions you’ll experience. Think about what you’ll be doing at halftime and who you’ll be talking to about the first half. Think about the tweets you will send and the posts you will share on Facebook. Finally picture the exhilaration as the Toronto Raptors raise the NBA trophy and get awarded their NBA Championship rings (both of which shown below.. psst, pretend that the hand you see on the trophy is JV’s).

Use the epic music below to help :)

 (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Photo from Toronto Raptors Facebook Page

Photo from Toronto Raptors Facebook Page

You’ll notice what I did here with the Vision is created a mental image of the ideal situation while attaching positive emotion to it. Remember the ‘Universe’ doesn’t know, nor does it care, whether that emotion is being triggered because of external perception or internal imagination, all it knows is that it wants to align you with those emotions and the imagery you hold to those emotions because you’ve asked for it (to fully buy into what I just wrote in the last sentence, you’ll need to better understand the law of attraction).

Now you’ll notice as you practice envisioning that outcome over and over again, the Vision of success will become more natural. The more natural it becomes, the higher the chances it has of manifesting.

Building Block #2 – BELIEFS

The next thing we have to do is get into the right mindset. In Engineering Success I talk about how beliefs are merely just subjective ‘truths’ we hold about ourselves and the world around us. They are influenced by external factors but are always chosen by us, whether it be consciously or unconsciously. Thanks to perspective, we’re able to take a belief that limits us from achieving our Vision and turn it into a belief that supports our Vision – simply by changing our perspective.

To show you what I mean let’s look at how we can validate the contradicting beliefs of “The Toronto Raptors won’t beat the Brooklyn Nets.” and “The Toronto Raptors will beat the Brooklyn Nets.”


“The Toronto Raptors won’t beat the Brooklyn Nets” “The Toronto Raptors will beat the
Brooklyn Nets”
  • They don’t have as much playoff experience as the nets
  • They’ve been playing sloppy basketball in these playoffs
  • Paul Pierce is too clutch a player to stop
  • They’re turning the ball over too much and have only been getting lucky in winning
  • They have potentially given up their home court advantage and are now going to play in hostile territory
  • The NBA/referees are probably siding with Brooklyn since they’re a more lucrative market from a business perspective
  • The Nets will crush us at home since they’ll be hyped and pissed off we swore about their hometown
  • Brooklyn has Jay Z as supporter – seriously, who can stop Jay Z? Raptors are just ‘dirt on their shoulder’
  • Everyone expects Brooklyn to win and move on
  • They have already beat the Nets in Brooklyn and so can do it again
  • Raptors who have less experience already have a playoff win against them
  • Raptors have a really youthful and deep bench- Raptors won’t tire out as easily as the Nets will (based on player age) as the series goes on
  • Raptors will play better on road since there will be less pressure from having to prove themselves at home
  • Raptors have a whole country who has got their back and by far one of the best fan bases in the NBA
  • Drake can teach them how to live the words “Started from the bottom now I’m here.”- This has been a cinderella story season for the Raptors so why would it be any different in the playoffs??
  • DeRozan and Lowry are clutch players that can really turn it on when needed
  • Terence Ross is still cold, so just imagine what will happen when he turns it on
  • The NBA/refs are irrelevant to the outcome of this series – we take full responsibility for winning or losing
  • Raptors were a higher seed team than the Nets
  • Nets are just lint on Raptors pants – all we gotta do is Drizzy lint-roll ’em off
*Notice how limiting this belief is to achieving your vision of Raptors winning it all. Observe how when reading the reasons for this belief it can be very DISEMPOWERING as a Raptors fan.* *Notice how supporting this belief is to achieving your vision of Raptors winning it all. Observe how when reading the reasons for this belief it can be very EMPOWERING as a Raptors fan.*


As you can see above, I’ve justified both beliefs as true depending on what perspective you’re looking at it from.

Now you may argue that one belief is ‘more’ true than the other but what you can’t prove is that the belief you hold to be ‘more’ true negates the other belief as false. It doesn’t, because once again perspective allows us to see the same thing differently. Think of the  ‘glass half full and glass half empty’ dilemma. Just because you believe the glass is half full and are convinced that it is, doesn’t mean the glass can’t be believed to be half empty. It’s all based on the perspective you look at the glass from. So in this case, we now consciously have the option to decide which belief we’re going to hold onto and reinforce.

You may even disagree with some of the reasons I wrote, but again that doesn’t have to stop me  from holding the belief I want to hold. If from my perspective I see it as true, your opinion of my perspective is just that – an opinion – it doesn’t have to be my reality.

Hopefully you’ll join me in choosing “The Toronto Raptors will beat the Brooklyn Nets.”

*PS – If you’re struggling to believe certain things I said in the Vision section above such as “If I can imagine it, it can happen” or “believing is seeing” just complete the same belief shift process I just showed you. Yes the belief “Imagination is not reality” or “What I see is all I can believe” are both true in their own way, they don’t prove false their contradictory beliefs. Therefore, you are always choosing a belief whether you realize it or not. If you want to get anything in your life, whether it’s as a fan or something you have full control over in your life, like your performance at work, remember you are always choosing to buy into a belief whether you realize it or not. Just because you believe something doesn’t mean it’s the only ‘truth’ … it’s just one perspective of looking at a situation.*

As we move further through the  playoffs the ultimate belief we’ll want to reinforce is “The Toronto Raptors will win the NBA Championship.” Jumping to that belief right now though might be difficult, so that’s why I started us on focusing on the belief “The Toronto Raptors will beat the Brooklyn Nets.” Once we do, the confidence in our beliefs will grow and it will be much easier to believe  “The Toronto Raptors will win the NBA Championship.”

Building Block #3 – GOALS

Alright now that we know the Vision of what we want for the Toronto Raptors and have shifted our beliefs to support our Vision, we need to set some goals to ensure we are actively working towards seeing that Vision become reality.

Now obviously in this case we’re somewhat limited since, as a fan, we’re not actually playing the game. However, seeing as each of us can manifest our own reality, if part of each of realities is winning the championship, that collective reality is much stronger at shaping the actual reality we all want to experience. In other words, if more of us truly believe in the Raptors winning the championship we will tap into the magic of ‘divine intervention’ or ‘spiritual energy’ (I know this might sound whack but if you dive down the rabbit hole of personal development as much as I have, you’d see it’s really not that far fetched) that will actually help the Raptors win. If you’re struggling, just go with the belief:  “My beliefs are valuable to the end result of the Raptors playoff run.” Just do whatever it takes to choose that belief if you can.

Alright each of us are going to set 2 goals to get things started for Friday’s game:

1) “I will envision the Raptors winning the championship on Friday morning before the game that evening”

2) “I will only watch the game through the perspective that the Raptors WILL win the game”

You’ll notice that these are 2 tangible goals that any of us fans can do without any hinderance from the outside world. We’re in control of what we imagine and we are in control of how we watch the game. Let’s challenge ourselves to accomplish these 2 goals. Think about how powerful your beliefs will become when they win that game!

*Now you might be worried that they may lose the game, and that’s completely normal. Just bear in mind that by allowing yourself to believe they will lose is rather useless in achieving your Vision of the Raptors winning it all. There are no right or wrong beliefs, what is a true test of character is believing in what it is you truly want despite no guarantee the end result will align with it. If for some odd reason they do lose, I will write a follow up ‘counselling’ post to give some perspectives that might help us positively get past everything.

Building Block #4 – ACTIONS

Now the actions block is really up to your discretion. It’s basically looking at the things you need to do to accomplish your goals above. For me I’m going to set the actions:

– Book in 20 minutes in my calendar to do the envisioning of Raptors winning it all

– Have a notepad handy during the game where I will right down reasons as the game goes along that reinforce the belief “The Toronto Raptors will beat the Brooklyn Nets.”

You can add, change, or remove any of the actions I’ve mentioned to suit you needs – the actions are irrelevant as long as you complete the goals by some means.

Building Block #5 – REFLECTION

The last building block of success is reflection. Obviously we can’t do that right now since we have to attempt our goals and then look back on them to learn from them. However, what you can do is use this reflection time to continue to come up with reasons that reinforce the belief “The Toronto Raptors will beat the Brooklyn Nets.” If you have reasons I have not included in the post please feel free to comment with them below.


PS – Don’t share this with Brooklyn fans 😛


Now you may have noticed going through the process, the incredible benefits this can have on your own life, especially if you apply it to areas of your life where you are in total control. With this situation, you’re not actually playing in the game so it removes a certain amount of power from you being able to achieve the outcome… however, when it comes to your career, relationships, health, fitness, dreams, etc. – all of which you have way more control over – this process is incredibly powerful. If you’d like to learn the program in its entirety you can grab a copy of it at and to celebrate the playoffs please use RAPS2WIN to get $2 off the purchase price.

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