I am a Yin Yang Coach.

In other words, I help individuals navigate life through the lens of ‘harmonized contrast’ – working and learning through their varying emotions, instead of trying to avoid their current state of being.

This powerful methodology was inspired by years of studies and research into the personal development space as well as a life-changing trip to India and Nepal where I gained a deep understanding of the Yin Yang symbol’s relevance to life. The best way to describe this understanding is as follows:

The Yin Yang symbol contains a system of two opposite energies in complete harmony. For the white energy to exist, the black energy must also exist. Both depend on each other for their own existence, nor can they ever be independent due to their presence within each other. Placing this in the context of life, for any emotion to exist we require the relative expression of an alternate or opposing energy. Every experience is brought alive and gives life to all other experiences. No matter where one is in their life, it is a vital part of their growth. The struggle often seen is for people to try and ‘change’ themselves, which is misguided. Instead, what we must do, individually and collectively, is to go into every state of being to feel, learn, and grow through it, trusting we will never get stuck in whatever emotion we currently are. 

To ensure this innovative form of coaching is widely accessible, anyone can sign up for a session with me for FREE (*Does not apply to employee coaching). You are welcome to make a donation following the session if you feel compelled to do so; however, there is no expectation of doing so.

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I am an Event Coordinator & Activation Specialist.

In other words, I help Event Planners, Event Producers, Marketing/PR Agencies and Corporations bring their ‘In Real Life‘ ideas into reality.

To me, events are more than just events – they are memorable experiences that can have a huge impact on people’s lives. I believe that when we bring people together, we create the opportunity to generate connections that can lead to exceptional value. It is this power of interactions that drives my passion to ensure that any and every event I am assisting is given my full focus, attention and enthusiasm.

As you will see from my CV, I am fortunate enough to have a wide array of experiences, both on stage and behind the scenes. This holistic approach to the industry allows me to see the finer details of executing events and quickly understand information being communicated though planners, producers and their respective teams.

If you are in the event space and are looking for reliable and trustworthy help,

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“Over the past couple of years Ryan has become our go-to onsite event coordinator for various events of all different sizes. Whether dealing with a small intimate group or a larger more complex client, Ryan’s professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. He takes minimal direction to ensure that all the months of –pre-planning is delivered successfully and efficiently on-site. His outgoing and engaging personality make him a pleasure to work with. He has a knack for connecting with clients and guests alike to ensure everyone feels special and well taken care of. I have full confidence in handing over a program to Ryan and knowing expectations will be exceeded.”

Tiffany D.

Senior Event Planner, Cantrav Services

“Ryan was an invaluable part of our team leading up to a Canada Day program. He handled a very last minute ask with extreme poise, and executed the task at a level far exceeding our expectations. I can say with full confidence our program would not have flourished the way it did without Ryan on our team.”

Eric D.

Account Coordinator, FUSE Marketing

“I’ve worked with Ryan on several events. His professionalism, enthusiasm, people skills and attention to detail, are exceptional. If you need any additional arms and legs for events, he would be worth considering.”

Heather M.

Account Group Director, Cohn & Wolfe