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Being a rocket scientist is definitely helpful when trying to get a giant machine to float on air.

However, you shouldn't have to be one to figure out how to achieve success.

Have you ever noticed that there's an overwhelming amount of personal development information out there and often times it's either incredibly complicated to understand or nearly impossible to remember?

That's why Ryan Coelho is on a mission to simplify success.

He creates presentations, workshops, programs and books that allow anyone to understand how to achieve success in their lives, without the fluff. A rocket scientist himself, Ryan makes the complex world very simple for people to  learn and navigate so they can achieve their dreams.

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Ryan is excited to be the keynote speaker at the upcoming event, "Toast To Success" being hosted by the Canadian Tamil Alumni Association. Chosen for his incredible insights in personal development, Ryan has been tasked with not only inspiring the 250 young people in attendance but educating them on how tools they can use to better their lives and careers through the power of personal development.

Ryan has coined his presentation "The 3 Keys To Success" where he will share his story into following his passion as a career and teach all those who attend the 3 keys that made this possible. He will describe, in depth, how these 3 keys can significantly impact the level of success of anyone and teach all those interested that it isn't rocket science - it's simple... once you understand it.

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DYPB 2014

On August 16, 2014 Ryan will be speaking at the Discover Your Personal Brand conference in Toronto, Canada.

The Discover Your Personal Brand conference is a forum for individuals to learn from a panel of industry experts sharing their expertise on personal branding. Each individual will have the opportunity to network, discover, inspire and develop leadership skills that take them to the next level. Everyone has a personal brand, but most people are not aware of this and do not manage this strategically, consistently and effectively. As leaders, you need to take ownership of your own brand so you can affect how others perceive you. With an authentic personal brand, your strongest characteristics, attributes, and values can separate you from the crowd. Without this, you look just like everyone else.

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Check out Ryan's latest adventure as the MC of CIBC Soccer Nation, a nation-wide tour aimed to bring together communities to celebrate the 2014 World Cup in Brazil! Over the past month the campaign has hosted events in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Montreal, Ottawa and will wrap things up in Toronto.

Ryan's role throughout the tour is to create an unforgettable experience for all those who attend. Exceeding the expectations of his clients, Ryan is in the final leg of the tour which ends in Toronto on July 13, 2014. Click here to learn more.

For a complete list of tour dates as well as more information about the campaign, please visit

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  • "Amazing. Captivating. Gifted. Ryan's personable attitude had the audience on their feet cheering, laughing, and interacting."- Chelsea P, Communitech
  • "He captured my students' attention for the entirety of the workshop."- Therese S, The Unlost Blog
  • "His personality, charisma and passion about what he does is so infectious!"- Tash J, Speaker & Author
  • "Ryan's talk presented innovative ideas and his personable nature resonated with many!"- Nalini R, Horizons Conference
  • "Ryan is a genuine, honest and amiable entrepreneur that has great direction and vision. Ryan just gets it!"- Mark K, Fusion Conference
  • "I would definitely recommend Ryan to speak at any Gen Y or entrepreneurship related event."- Jelyn A, YEC Conference