What have our lives become?

We lock ourselves in a box that we retreat to every day, and call it home.

We hide behind our screens, communicate in 140 characters or less, and call it connection.

We express hatred towards those who express hatred towards others, and call it justice.

We spend all our time chasing an ever-elusive future, and complain that there isn’t enough time.

None of it makes sense.


So I’m leaving.

I’m selling all my stuff and traveling the world to help us find our way again.

To discover insights and discoveries from the forgotten ones, who have been written off as ‘crazy‘.

To seek insight into beautiful philosophies and cultures, gaining profound life wisdom.

To meditate, and discover the clues that will give us all the answers we yearn for.


I want you to join me.

To follow the journey and learn life-changing personal development knowledge and techniques.

To open your mind to the perspectives of life from across the globe.

To gain confidence that your life is not just limited to surviving.

To live more consciously.


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Phase 1 // Studying Eastern Philosophy in Northern India & Nepal

From February 25 to mid-August I will be journeying around the northern parts of India and finally ending up in Nepal, all the while focusing on learning about Eastern Philosophy more intimately.

As I progress into a more conscious lifestyle, the study of philosophy has played a big part in rationalizing the benefits of mindfulness, as well as providing insights on how to conduct it. In particular, Alan Watts has been a main player in my beliefs of being present in order to enjoy life.

I’m continuously fascinated by the power of the mind, and the influence it has on our lives and our reality. The study of philosophy seems to have simplified much of the thinking around why the mind is so powerful and how to direct it for each of our benefit.

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